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Introducing Spravato™ at Inspire Behavior Health
• FDA-approved form of Ketamine
• Highly effective for depression and PTSD
• Covered by most insurances


What is Spravato™?

Spravato™ is an innovative prescription medication approved by the FDA for treatment-resistant depression. It contains esketamin, a new form of the drug ketamine that has FDA approval for treatment-resistant depression. It's a nasal spray that your provider gives you to use on-site at Inspire Behavioral Health. It's important to receive your treatment at the Spravato Clinic so your provider can monitor you afterward, just in case you experience any side effects. Inspire Behavioral Health uses Spravato™ alongside antidepressant medications to reduce symptoms of major depressive disorder when other treatments aren't working.

What are the benefits of Spravato™?

• Rapid relief of depressive symptoms, usually within hours or days
• Unlike antidepressants that mostly target serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine, Spravato uniquely targets the glutamate system in your brain
• No long-term side effects or addiction risks
• Although approved for depression, can also help other mental health conditions such as PTSD, OCD, Anxiety, Eating Disorders
• Activates neuroplasticity - Ability of your brain to grow and change
• Helps processing past events and negative memories
• Treatment is administered in a safe, controlled environment
• Psychological support is given before, during, and after Spravato session

What does Spravato treatment involve?

The treatment simply involves spraying the dose of Spravato™ into your nasal passages under your provider's supervision. The initial treatment protocol requires visits to our clinic two days/week for weeks 1-4, then treatment on day/week for weeks 5-8. You will need to take time off of work and have a driver take you home after each treatment. Maintenance therapy with this medication requires treatment once per week or once every other week.

Who is Spravato™ for?

In order to qualify for Spravato, you need to be at least 18 years or older, have inadequate response, reduction of response over time, or no longer tolerate an effective dose of at least 2 antidepressants. If that is the case, talk to your provider to add Spravato into your customised treatment plan.

To determine if Spravato™ is right for you, call 703-592-4600 to get a free consultation with your doctor.

Does my insurance cover Spravato™?

We are in network with most major insurance companies, including BlueCross, Blue Shield, Anthem, United Healthcare, Cigna, Aetna, Tricare VA, and many more. Call us today and our office staff will be happy to contact your insurance company to verify your coverage and guide you through the next steps.

Does Spravato has any side effects?

Esketamine can trigger some initial and short-lived side effects such as dizziness, floating sensations, or mild dissociation. Dissociation includes the most common psychological effects of Spravato, which have been dissociative/perceptual changes (including distortion of time and space, and illusions), derealization, and depersonalization. Patients may describe these symptoms as feeling disconnected from themselves, their thoughts and feelings, space, and time. You will be under the supervision of a member of our clinical team for approximately two hours to ensure timely care in case of adverse effects occur. When your provider releases you, you will need a friend or family member to drive you home. You may be tired for the rest of the day, but any fatigue will pass by the time you wake up the next morning.

Are there any contraindications to Spravato?

Spravato is contraindicated in patients with:
• Aneurysmal vascular disease (including thoracic and abdominal aorta, intracranial, and peripheral arterial vessels) or arteriovenous malformation
• History of intracerebral hemorrhage
• Hypersensitivity to esketamin, ketamine, or any of the excipients
• Pregnancy and breastfeeding

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Book your Free Phone Consultation

Feel free to ask any questions about TMS.  If you are eligible to TMS, we will schedule you for a Full,  in-person TMS evaluation.

Visit us for a full Spravato evaluation 

This evaluation will provide necessary clinical information for us in order to submit prior authorization for Spravato coverage to your insurer. You will have an opportunity to ask more in-depth questions about the treatment process.

Come in for your First Spravato session

Your first Spravato treatment, you will relax in a chair and can listen music, watch TV, or chat with us. We will closely monitor you for the duration of treatment for any adverse effects such as a high blood pressure, dizziness, or nausea. At the end of your sessions, you will need a family member or a friend to drive you home as you can feel dissociation or mild dizziness.